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Recruiting social workers – an effective campaign plan

September 22, 2009


In light of the flurry of activity on TV, it’s worth a return to the subject of raising awareness of social work as a profession and whether the current big budget approach is the right one. Initially, without having seen the ads in the Government’s “give them a voice” campaign, I was skeptical.  Having seen […]

The worst ever employment article?

September 18, 2009


Is this the worst ever article on employees at work? A survey from a dubiously named company that reveals such gems as “46% [of employees] admit they are less productive when tired.”  Hang on, let me phone the DWP, all of a sudden unemployment reaching 2.47 million seems trivial in comparison to this…


September 18, 2009


(kôr’səl) n.   A a programme of instruction, as in a college or university intended to cover one topic, or a particular area of a larger topic, usually over the course of a single session

Whatever happened to podcasts?

September 17, 2009


A couple of years ago, you couldn’t move in the world of communications without bumping into “podcasting” advocates and eager early adopters keen to demonstrate to the world why podcasting was the way of the future.  Of course, much of that was pre-Facebook and most certainly pre-Twitter. But I received an invitation today to attend a […]

Workplace Short Film Competition

September 11, 2009


Sometimes an idea comes along that strikes me as being particularly well done – and this is one of them.  The challenge is to produce a three minute film on the theme of Workplace.  It can be done professionally, or on your phone.  The beauty of this, for me, is that the emphasis has to […]

Putting the cart before the cause?

September 10, 2009


New research has shown that, in primary schools, staff with a good work-life balance are more likely to produce higher achieving pupils – defined as those attaining level four or higher in Key Stage 2 level Maths and English. Or does it show that staff who teach pupils who attain level four or higher in […]

A perfect talent storm

September 9, 2009


Markets can be funny things but I have to admit that I am baffled by the current impact of supply and demand on estate agency. One the one hand, the property market has shrunk due to the lack of credit, many estate agents have been laid off, as with many other industries, and yet, as […]