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Does it have to be rocket science?

November 30, 2009


Working in an industry where innovation is all too often applauded for its own sake, it makes me wonder to what extent we are all drawn to the shiny and new, even when the old and reliable is still, well, reliable? Some recent thinking on Cloud Whitening may be about to confirm my thoughts.  It […]

Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion

October 30, 2009


I’m often wary of books that look like this for fear of them masquerading as an interesting read before revealing themselves to be nothing more than a spurious collection of sales truisms.  This book is different. It walks through theory in an enlightening and surprising kind of way to leave you knowing about techniques that […]

Intrinsic value in graduate recruitment?

August 25, 2009


Success where measured against intrinsic goals … was seen to be psychologically nourishing. A June study in the Journal of Research in Personality sheds new and interesting findings on the concept of happiness at work within a graduate context. Running a series of psychological surveys with 147 alumni from two universities, once twelve months after graduation […]

Brainwash – The Secret History of Mind Control

August 16, 2009


The first time I saw this on a shelf, I didn’t buy it (because of the inordinate number of outstanding books I had to read already.)  But I made a mental note – no pun intended – and made sure I came back to it later on.  I was very glad to have done so. […]

“Radical rethink needed on food”

August 10, 2009


I wonder how radical, radical really is?  Saying no to fish?  Investing in Vertical Farms?  An explosion of closed loop recycling?  Expansion of allotment land?  Let’s see, shall we? BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | ‘Radical rethink’ needed on food.

The role of HE in tackling climate change

August 3, 2009


This week sees the launch of a new Consultation on a carbon reduction target and strategy for higher education in England, a joint initiative by HEFCE, Universities UK and GuildHE. The aim of the strategy is to make use of the HE sector in the UK to tackle climate change in a number of ways: […]