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Appearances can be deceiving

April 7, 2010


There are some things you do when running a half marathon to make it look like you’ve done this before.  You buy the right kit (we’ve all heard the “all the gear, no idea” mantra), you put on your serious running face, some people even affect a running style (but not necessarily speed) that makes […]

Eddie Iz Running

August 20, 2009


And also a bit of a nutter give what he’s trying to do!  Puts my 500km into the shade rather… For those of you who don’t know, he’s trying to run from London to Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh to London – 30 miles a day, one day off every seven – and he’s not […]

Paying for a lack of engagement

August 16, 2009


It had been on my mind for a week or so to enter the Royal Parks Half Marathon and watching the triathlon in Hyde Park yesterday provided the necessary catalyst for action.  It seems, however, a day or two too late as registration has closed – except for a few remaining charity places. Which got […]

Booksellers complain about Oxfam

August 5, 2009


Who would win in a straight fight, a charity or a bookshop?  Of course, it shouldn’t come to this.  The notion of charity chuggers charging librarians in the streets of Hay is a curious one (though I suspect the chuggers would have it) but since it looks like that bout is currently on the cards, […]