Golden Week

Posted on February 7, 2013


Knowing when to get away for the bank holiday has always been a matter for discussion in the UK – leave on the Friday night and risk the traffic?  Take a half day?  Or go on the Saturday.

In China, it’s on an altogether different scale.  Golden Week at the start of October saw something in the region of 55 million people travel on one day alone.  Imagine emptying Britain, entirely, on a single Saturday – yep, now you’ve got it!

I’ve already fallen foul of this myself – trying to buy a train ticket to Qingdao on a holiday weekend proved to be way beyond my abilities.

But it’s meant to be Chinese New Year that provides the really big numbers as an estimated 150 – 230million people make the trip home.

From an employment perspective, it’s estimated that 40million of those don’t go back to their jobs afterwards, causing something of a headache for bosses, especially in the south.  If ever a country needed to start focusing on employee engagement, I’d have to say that Chinese New Year is it!