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Can I sue David Cameron?

January 25, 2013


I like democracy.  Having lived in China for a year I have a new found appreciation for it (though I’m certainly not in the “democracy or nothing” camp.) But part of that appreciation is the understanding that democracy has moved on.  We no longer expect all adult male citizens to attend meetings in the agora […]

Olympic Legacy

July 30, 2012


People talk a lot about legacy when they talk about the Olympic Games.  In London’s case, the word has never been far from the spotlight – and casting a glance over the previous two host cities can be telling in determining what that legacy for London might be. Athens has not fared well.  Amidst the […]

A perfect talent storm

September 9, 2009


Markets can be funny things but I have to admit that I am baffled by the current impact of supply and demand on estate agency. One the one hand, the property market has shrunk due to the lack of credit, many estate agents have been laid off, as with many other industries, and yet, as […]

The Urban Hen

September 1, 2009


With piles of books still waiting to be read, there really was no reason to pop into Borders on the way back home this bank holiday on the off chance that I could resist buying yet more. But that’s exactly what I did – pop in, not resist, naturally. Indeed, as many have said before […]

The Ancient Mariner may have been mistaken…

August 28, 2009


Water, water everywhere Even on the Mayor’s agenda – which is good to see. No doubt, over the coming years, this will become much more front and centre and putting it in front of people now is a good start.   There are real cost-savings for Londoners if they do embrace a new approach to water […]

Climate Camp – location revealed

August 26, 2009


One of the great things about this morning’s (so far peaceful) cat and mouse start to Climate Camp has been the way the media and police were kept guessing as to the eventual location. Yes, I know it annoyed Jack Straw and others and, in the greater sense of doing good by everybody, the organisers should really have […]

Love food, hate waste campaign

August 19, 2009


  Always up for a campaign with downloadable tools – especially ones that go whizz.  Let’s hope the campaign can be as interactive as the button.

A DIY guide to being Mayor of London

August 18, 2009


Think of some good policies (borrow from others if struggling) Win office – not as easy as it sounds (unless your main two rivals are more bumbling than you) Run lots of competitions to fulfil policy pledges Ah, that’s the spirit, Bozza!

Breaking out the bicycles

August 14, 2009


I found out last night that my brother has signed me up to take part in the London Skyride on September 20th – which is something I am more than keen to get involved in.  He bought a new bike recently and has since been making his 19 mile round trip to work about 4 […]

Keep on movin’

August 14, 2009


It’s approaching the mid-point of my Walking August and an update is well overdue, so here goes. Weekend One The first weekend started inauspiciously since I was out with family on both days and managed an average of just 10,859 steps per day (I’m using a Fitbug to monitor steps so my 500km translates into […]