Keep on movin’

Posted on August 14, 2009


IMG_0540It’s approaching the mid-point of my Walking August and an update is well overdue, so here goes.

Weekend One

The first weekend started inauspiciously since I was out with family on both days and managed an average of just 10,859 steps per day (I’m using a Fitbug to monitor steps so my 500km translates into 625,000 steps – or 20,161 per day, so I was already some way behind.)

The good news about that is that it’s what I would normally walk in a weekend, so I knew that hitting the target of just over 16km per day would require a fair bit of effort – two weeks later, I can see just how much.

Weekend TwoIMG_0553

The rest of the first week went much better, and I got to the second weekend having walked to and from work and around and about London town for a total of 96km – short, but gaining – and the second weekend saw me make big in-roads.

It didn’t start auspiciously.  In fact, within ten minutes of leaving the house on Saturday, a bird deposited a large amount of something on my head whilst I walked down Highbury Grange.  I stopped for a moment and thought I could turn back, instead I went to a local shop, bought some water and some wet wipes and saw to it the best I could.

And I’m glad I did because a couple of hours later I found myself wandering through the Ecology Centre by Drayton Park, something I had never discovered before.

IMG_0549This small park behind the Emirates Stadium is a little gem, a seemingly undiscovered wilderness with a school’s wood and a secluded pond.  On a Saturday afternoon, in the lovely sunshine, I couldn’t believe that I had the place all to myself.

After all of which, the count was up to 136km – just 8.5km behind my target, a few more undiscovered areas, and I’m well on my way.