Can I sue David Cameron?

Posted on January 25, 2013


CameronI like democracy.  Having lived in China for a year I have a new found appreciation for it (though I’m certainly not in the “democracy or nothing” camp.)

But part of that appreciation is the understanding that democracy has moved on.  We no longer expect all adult male citizens to attend meetings in the agora and have a direct say in every national decision – even if the turn out for elections in recent years might suggest that it is once again logistically possible, and maybe even the best use for the Olympic stadium?

I digress.

The point is that our current system is different; it’s one where we vote for people to take on the responsibility of understanding, debating and making difficult decisions on matters where it is entirely reasonable to expect them to know more than us and therefore make decisions that should be both better informed and fairer for everyone.

Yes, I know that we currently have a leadership without a clear mandate but, collectively, professional politicians who have accepted positions and the salaries that go with them (if not quite the duck houses of yesteryear) should not shirk that responsibility when it comes to the more contentious challenges and use referenda as get out of jail cards.

Offering a referendum does not make sense to me.

In these straitened times what would be the result of a referendum, for example, offering people the choice between raising taxes by 20%, or lowering them by the same amount?  I doubt very much whether each voter in such a situation would take a totalitarian or even holistic view of the question.  And I doubt just as much that the outcome would be beneficial if acted upon.

So why does it make sense to have “a simple in/out vote” on Europe?

The fact is, it’s not an easy question.  It has nuances and ramifications that I don’t fully understand.  And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that there’s an awful lot of other people also who don’t fully understand them either.

Partly because we don’t have the time, partly because it’s not our job, but mostly because we pay someone else to do it.  So, Mr Cameron, since you’ll have some time on your hands having abrogated responsibility to answer the Europe question, perhaps you could turn your attention to this one instead?

What would you rather I sue you for?  Breach of contract?  Professional negligence?  Or fraudulently accepting money for services not rendered?

And by “me” I obviously mean my lawyer – I fully intend to outsource this job too, trusting that a solicitor won’t simply revert to an online poll on Facebook for help but actually do the job properly.