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Can I sue David Cameron?

January 25, 2013


I like democracy.  Having lived in China for a year I have a new found appreciation for it (though I’m certainly not in the “democracy or nothing” camp.) But part of that appreciation is the understanding that democracy has moved on.  We no longer expect all adult male citizens to attend meetings in the agora […]

By the people, for the people…

November 5, 2012


It won’t have escaped the attention of even the most casual political follower that the coming weeks see potential changes in the leadership of both China and America.  The Chinese leadership is certainly changing hands and whether or not the US also ushers in a new leader, there is no doubt that those who emerge […]

Universities should look to deliver real returns on investment

June 24, 2010


The emergency budget has hit Higher Education particularly hard with cuts in spending of up to 25% over the next four years. Coupled with the impact on capital expenditure that the VAT rise will bring about, leading universities are inevitably looking to an increase in fees to meet the shortfall. In itself, that shouldn’t be […]

Diversity 2.0

April 4, 2010


Notwithstanding the fact that Chris Grayling’s comments advocating that B&B owners should be allowed to refuse entry to gay couples portray a potential Home Secretary in a rather embarrassing, law-breaking stance, they also show the thorny issue that discussions on diversity must now tackle. Previous discourse on equality & tolerance was limited to the notion […]

Tories reticent about announcing more than one policy…

November 5, 2009


It could be considered Schadenfreude to point it out, but it seems remarkable that the Tories are falling apart over their policy on Europe given that, as far as I can see, it’s the only policy that they have actually publicised. I hate to think what the fallout might be once they start having to […]

Higher Education – cost versus value

August 21, 2009


It’s all well and good for David Lammy to continue to beat a drum for Higher Education but is it not now time to ask what benefit the Government policy of pushing people into University courses, regardless of desire or appropriateness, produces for the individuals or for society? New data from The Push Student Debt […]

A DIY guide to being Mayor of London

August 18, 2009


Think of some good policies (borrow from others if struggling) Win office – not as easy as it sounds (unless your main two rivals are more bumbling than you) Run lots of competitions to fulfil policy pledges Ah, that’s the spirit, Bozza!

What now for graduates?

August 17, 2009


How much do the graduates of today really know about the job situation?  As I sat discussing the situation in a recent meeting, the look on the intern’s face said it all – it was the first time she had really stopped to think about it. A couple of months ago, as people were finishing […]

“Let’s March”

August 14, 2009


Surprising.  Interesting.  And with jokes.  Not the Gordon Brown we’ve grown up with… Gordon Brown: Wiring a web for global good | Video on

I do not know what I do not know

August 10, 2009


Without meaning to give undue credit to Rumsfeld, there is more than a hint of resonance in his 2002 briefing when it comes to the latest research on state versus private education. The Sutton Trust’s research into access to higher education is a valuable addition to the debate and confidence is indeed a major factor in the […]