Xilamuren – the Inner Mongolia Plains

Posted on December 12, 2012


A couple of hours’ drive north from Hohhot lie the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.  Nomadic horsemen still ply their trade, but it’s now more for the Han tourist than to make ends meet.

It is a shame that catering to the new affluent of China is in danger of homogenising the tourist experience, even in far flung parts of the country.  At least in the case of Xilamuren, the KTV-style sing-a-long is to Mongolian songs around an outdoor fire pit.  Though the legions of loud, drunken, badly-dressed remain the same…

The acres of concrete yurts also suggest a rather less nomadic way of life these days for the native peoples of the plains.  Nonetheless, on reaching the further flung areas of ‘Yurtsville’ there are still some spectacular views to be had especially for those of us up at dawn.  I’ll leave you to judge whether that was the intrepid photographer in me, or the fact that canvas yurts are not particularly warm…

Small yurtvilleSmall yurts sunsetSmall yurts sunset1

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