The Ancient Mariner may have been mistaken…

Posted on August 28, 2009


Water, water everywhere

Even on the Mayor’s agenda – which is good to see.

No doubt, over the coming years, this will become much more front and centre and putting it in front of people now is a good start.   There are real cost-savings for Londoners if they do embrace a new approach to water usage and the impact on CO2 is startlingly large (27% of London’s output is due to water) but, as David Willans has already commented with the launch of the Food Ethics Council and Sustain‘s new report on water labelling, too many issues all at once may run the risk of blinding the audience in some kind of reverse bystander effect – if I have too many things to do, chances are I’ll do none of them.

How this is reported further than Bozza’s Twitter feed will be interesting to see.  Is it likely to have the same weight as knife-crime for local reporters?

Mayor sets out plan to protect London’s water supplies in a changing climate.