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How to write a social media strategy

August 20, 2010


Recent research by Penna Barkers, has found that 90% of organisations feel that managing their employer reputation online is important – yet only 38% believe they are able to do this well and one in seven thinks social media is ‘dangerous’ when used as a recruitment tool. Although the discussion of social media has taken […]

Taking credit

June 23, 2010


In late 2009, The Federal Trade Commission in the States ruled that bloggers with a clear interest in a product (such as being employed by the company that makes it) should reveal their affiliation online if they are talking about said product in an attempt to reduce the amount of misinformation online. That started a […]

Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion

October 30, 2009


I’m often wary of books that look like this for fear of them masquerading as an interesting read before revealing themselves to be nothing more than a spurious collection of sales truisms.  This book is different. It walks through theory in an enlightening and surprising kind of way to leave you knowing about techniques that […]

Intrinsic value in graduate recruitment?

August 25, 2009


Success where measured against intrinsic goals … was seen to be psychologically nourishing. A June study in the Journal of Research in Personality sheds new and interesting findings on the concept of happiness at work within a graduate context. Running a series of psychological surveys with 147 alumni from two universities, once twelve months after graduation […]