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Workplace Short Film Competition

September 11, 2009


Sometimes an idea comes along that strikes me as being particularly well done – and this is one of them.  The challenge is to produce a three minute film on the theme of Workplace.  It can be done professionally, or on your phone.  The beauty of this, for me, is that the emphasis has to […]

The Ancient Mariner may have been mistaken…

August 28, 2009


Water, water everywhere Even on the Mayor’s agenda – which is good to see. No doubt, over the coming years, this will become much more front and centre and putting it in front of people now is a good start.   There are real cost-savings for Londoners if they do embrace a new approach to water […]

Intrinsic value in graduate recruitment?

August 25, 2009


Success where measured against intrinsic goals … was seen to be psychologically nourishing. A June study in the Journal of Research in Personality sheds new and interesting findings on the concept of happiness at work within a graduate context. Running a series of psychological surveys with 147 alumni from two universities, once twelve months after graduation […]

Clever people

August 19, 2009


Have just received an interesting article in Forbes from Toby on how to identify clever people that can lead businesses out of the difficult times through their ability to consistently innovate and deliver value within the bounds of an organisation. What makes it fascinating is the notion that engaging with recalcitrant iconoclasts who, as the […]