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April 4, 2014


  A vast country, an unfathomable number of people and a great many photographs would explain why it’s taken as long as it has to review, edit and publish them all in one place – but have a look at my new site, ChinaPhoto and I hope you’ll agree it’s been worth the effort! In […]

The end of Movember

November 30, 2012


There are some things about living in China that cause more concern than they rightly should.  Taking a taxi for the first time, dining out in a local restaurant and getting your hair cut. Not that the latter should really bother me too much since anyone that knows me will testify I’ve had more than […]

Wherever I lay my hat?

November 21, 2012


It was a little weird returning to Beijing after a few weeks in London, and then Vietnam and, for the first time, thinking of a place other than England as “going home.” It was odd to start with when answering what should have been a very basic question from those in Ho Chi Mihn City […]

The Pace of Change

November 12, 2012


After a few weeks out of China, it’s always exciting to see what has changed, and how much. When I previously spent a week in Xian, I came back to find all of the road between Sanlitun and the office had been dug up.  By the time I came back from England, they’d all been […]

10 strangest foods in China

August 27, 2012


There are lots of strange things to eat in China. Before moving out here, I read Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper by Fuschia Dunlop and, whilst I have no real desire to eat the former, I’ll confess something of an addiction to Sichuan pepper already – a lip-numbing, fragrant pepper that I hadn’t come across […]

Chinese lessons: part II

May 22, 2012


And so it begins, in earnest.  Chinese lessons.  Official Chinese lessons.  Not Chinese lessons in a park, on a bench, with whoever has decided to take it upon themselves to teach me the Mandarin for Beijing Duck this week. No, I’ve enrolled at The Hutong School in Sanlitun.  A proper school, with a proper syllabus, […]

Chinese lessons: part I

May 11, 2012


I’m not in the habit of talking to old men in parks, but sometimes you have to buck the trend and go with it.  And so it was on Sunday, whilst sitting, reading by a lake in Solidify Lake Park, that I became embroiled in a conversation with an elderly Chinese gentleman. By conversation, of […]