Chinese lessons: part II

Posted on May 22, 2012


And so it begins, in earnest.  Chinese lessons.  Official Chinese lessons.  Not Chinese lessons in a park, on a bench, with whoever has decided to take it upon themselves to teach me the Mandarin for Beijing Duck this week.

No, I’ve enrolled at The Hutong School in Sanlitun.  A proper school, with a proper syllabus, proper teachers and proper Chinese lessons.

Chinese lessons, alongside an Italian, a German and a lad from Barcelona, of course!  Which should not only make the lessons themselves interesting, but, should England manage to scrape into the knock-out stages in June, might add a bit of spice to the Euros this year.

Lesson one.  Learning to pronounce the starts of words.  Lesson two.  Learning to pronounce the ends of words.  Lesson three.  Learning to pronounce the tones of words.

Something tells me this could be a little tricky…