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David Willetts – “Connexions hasn’t worked”

January 25, 2011


It seemed a simple enough question, but David Willetts looked, and sounded, somewhat surprised last night when asked whether the Government was intending to address the paucity of good quality information, advice and guidance in schools in England and Wales. Continuing a theme raised earlier by Adrian Thomas of Network Rail, that good quality careers […]

Job hunting in a recession

August 28, 2010


Why it’s important for employers to engage with candidates who, without having built an affinity with the employer brand, may otherwise be simply taking the first role that comes their way. Ace Research And, of course, it’s important for job hunters to make a good impression too – bespoke suit anyone?

How to write a social media strategy

August 20, 2010


Recent research by Penna Barkers, has found that 90% of organisations feel that managing their employer reputation online is important – yet only 38% believe they are able to do this well and one in seven thinks social media is ‘dangerous’ when used as a recruitment tool. Although the discussion of social media has taken […]

The worst ever employment article?

September 18, 2009


Is this the worst ever article on employees at work? A survey from a dubiously named company that reveals such gems as “46% [of employees] admit they are less productive when tired.”  Hang on, let me phone the DWP, all of a sudden unemployment reaching 2.47 million seems trivial in comparison to this…

Putting the cart before the cause?

September 10, 2009


New research has shown that, in primary schools, staff with a good work-life balance are more likely to produce higher achieving pupils – defined as those attaining level four or higher in Key Stage 2 level Maths and English. Or does it show that staff who teach pupils who attain level four or higher in […]

Twitter – it’s how you phrase the question

August 26, 2009


Biased though I may be as a research professional, might the reason so much of the traffic on Twitter is counted as pointless babble because the entry box reads: What are you doing?  Given that many people engage with social media, online news and the cricket during their lunch hour (and, it seems, more and […]

I do not know what I do not know

August 10, 2009


Without meaning to give undue credit to Rumsfeld, there is more than a hint of resonance in his 2002 briefing when it comes to the latest research on state versus private education. The Sutton Trust’s research into access to higher education is a valuable addition to the debate and confidence is indeed a major factor in the […]