The Ode Less Travelled

Posted on October 28, 2009


The Ode Less TravelledI can’t bring myself to lend every book I recommend, so this time I bought a second copy instead. 

This is a charming book that is as well-written as it is well-intentioned.  Fry manages to open up a world of meter, rhythm and opsimathy (what did you expect?) for those that already knew and loved poetry and those whose only contact came previously in the form of greetings cards and little more.

For all of its theoretical credentials and didactic nature, it’s a practical book; you will be expected to try your hand at Spenserian Stanzas, Rich Rhyme Anapaests and more – but it’s very rewarding if you do and I’m pleased I made the effort.

I now have a greater appreciation for verse in its many forms and a notebook bursting with the beginnings of shoddy attempts and half-started masterpieces, none of which am I to send to Mr Fry for his perusal; as the afterword makes crystal clear.

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