Novel gym membership idea from Waitrose in disguise?

Posted on August 26, 2009


waitrose_bikeCan’t help but wonder if tricks are being missed all over the developed world. 

People are spending large amounts of  pounds (£££) to divest themselves of large amounts of pounds (lbs), largely because they’ve spent too many of the former on eating too many of the latter in the first place.

The easy answer is not to buy so much food in the first place (much of which, as has already been discussed) is simply thrown away.

But could an ingenious personal health professional rope his or her spinning class into expending their energy by signing up as part time delivery people for Waitrose rather than expending that energy in otherwise non-profitable use down the gym?  Perhaps the company itself might use this new delivery mechanism instead of offering partners (employees) free gym memberships?  Perhaps people that use home delivery systems could cycle/walk to the shops in the first place themselves?  Now that would be novel…

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