Everything’s dangerous here!

Posted on April 12, 2012


“Everything’s dangerous here!” said Joely, leaping to safety just in time to avoid the small, energetic bundle of fur that was the captain’s Jack Russell as it made its way to the back of the boat docking outside the restaurant.

Perhaps this time, her worry was unfounded – but with tales of shark attacks and spiders galore since landing in Australia at the end of March to get to know the teams at Reagent a bit better, I think I’ll take her side…for now.

The occasion on Tuesday evening was dinner at Otto in Woolloomooloo (yes, it’s a real place, best followed by the singing of “da-dah-da-da-dah” to the tune of The Muppet Show, IMHO – try it.  And now try getting it out of your head…) followed by drinks at Blue Hotel.

Luckily, the Jack Russell was as dangerous as the evening got as we continued discussions from earlier in the day on everything from the Australian resources boom to Chinese sovereign wealth funds.

Building on a session last week in Brisbane with Renee, the day had been spent with teams from Sydney, Brisbane and Perth covering everything from Sino-Australian mining interests to EVP methodologies and a review of social media adoption in the UK, China and Australia led by Simon and Jared.

There’s certainly some really interesting projects happening right across the country though with Jason joining from Fuel in NZ, the Australian contingent in the room may have even been in the minority.

The next day, as discussions continued, danger was back in abundance.

A redback was spotted, and despatched in the gents.  Beeley and De Vile took each other on head-to-head by wearing pretty fearsome shirts and Mike’s impromptu Easter Egg hunt for his highly enthusiastic daughters left Joely looking even more shell shocked than an Englishman in a WA mine.

As she rightly says, everything’s dangerous over here.