Terracotta Warriors

Posted on December 6, 2012


I remember going Christmas shopping once with my sister and, as we walked through the John Lewis kitchen department, no doubt in search of some delightful present for some lucky family member, it dawned on me that I could plot a path through the shelves in such a way as to arrive quite suddenly in an area surrounded by floor to ceiling terracotta.

For my unsuspecting sister, this was not funny ā€“ she cannot stand the stuff, at all, even the thought of it ā€“ to me it was, of course, hilarious.

I doubt that the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, had the same motive when ordering the construction of his Terracotta Army – but when somebody goes to these kinds of lengths, you can never be totally sure it wasn’t an elaborate joke…

Lone Terracotta WarriorTerracotta Warriors Main Hangar

Terracotta Warriors Main Hangar2Lone Terracotta Warrior2

Terracotta Warriors General

Terracotta Warriors Relief1Terracotta Warriors Relief

Terracotta Warriors General2Terracotta Warriors Second Hangar

Terracotta Warriors Under RepairTerracotta Warriors Horse

Terracotta Warriors unreparableTerracotta Warriors Kneeling Archer

Terracotta Warriors with horsesTerracotta Warriors Kneeling Archer1

Terracotta Warriors InfantryTerracotta Warriors Infantry2Terracotta Warriors Infantry3

Terracotta Warriors HorsesTerracotta Warriors Horses close crop