Reading the 5,000

Posted on July 26, 2010


So it turns out that a train journey back from Leeds is longer than the battery life of an iPhone.  Nevermind, in the time I did have to surf the complimentary East Coast wi-fi, I thought I’d take the opportunity to read through a number of blogs about how to increase your followers on Twitter.

Admittedly, I’ve never been that bothered about followers before as I’ve tended to use Twitter more as a news feed than a broadcast mechanism.  But the posts intrigued me and, as Twitter becomes more of a core medium for client projects, it’s worth having a go at implementing some of the strategies recommended by Stanley TangMike Filsaime, and Kevin Rose.

So here’s the bold part.  I’m going to challenge myself to reach 5,000 followers on Twitter – a pretty tall order since I’m starting from a base of 43.

But here’s the beauty of it.  If it works, there’ll be around 5,000 to see the success.  If it fails, well, by the very nature of it failing, hardly anyone will know about it.

Of course, if it fails and someone (i.e. you) is there to see it, by all means, feel free to laugh – and then ask yourself why you’re the only one here!

Let the following commence…

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