Choose your news carefully

Posted on July 27, 2010


I feel there may be a paradox in using Twitter as a way of building credibility.

The thinking goes something like this:

  • Microblogging thrives on News
  • News thrives on Novelty
  • Novelty is at odds with Credentials

So if you’re Tweeting about something, I will assume that it’s of novel value to you (something you’ve just done for the first time, a clip that you haven’t seen before, a book that you’ve just finished reading.)

And if you’re only telling me something because it’s the first time you’ve ever done/seen/read it, that doesn’t exactly give me an impression that you’re an expert – in fact, it gives me the impression that you’ve never done it before.

So is Twitter, in fact, a way of telling the rest of the world about all of the things that you’ve only just come across…?