Social media and employee engagement

Posted on August 9, 2010


It’s important to differentiate between social media use within recruitment marketing and advertising and the many online discussions that are actually about consumer brand use.

Consumer brands need consistent engagement with their “fans” in order for them to buy more than once.  As a consumer brand manager, I’m looking for repeat purchases.

Employers aren’t, so most often they don’t need ongoing engagement.

It is of benefit in some instances to develop a long-term engagement policy with an external audience (for example, for a large local employer), but when we are talking recruitment, you’re only looking for the audience to “buy” once – so continuous engagement isn’t necessarily better than broadcasting a message at the appropriate time.

The audience that does need to constantly engage with your brand as an employer is actually an internal one as, in most instances, the “fans” of your brand as an employer are called your employees.